Intern or Master Student

Are you looking for a Masters project or an Internship within performance optimization, text processing or .NET Core? You have found the right place.

We love new approaches and fresh ideas. If you are thinking about an interesting software project that pushes the envelope, then please let us know.

We are especially interested in projects that take a practical angle and revolve around C#/C/C++. Ideally, the end result should be a library, a tool, or even a .NET Core path that will be deployed and used daily in production at Alipes.

Example topics

  • A source code analysis plugin to Visual Studio for detecting locking anti-patterns (e.g., nested locks should always be acquired in the same order) and indicate potential deadlocks at compile time. Can be based on Roslyn.
  • Algorithmic circuit breakers and algorithms for anomaly detection in time series data.
  • Regex: implement common regex features using anchors for improved performance. Benchmark against existing approaches in .NET and .NET Core like RE2, Hyperscan, Brics, Fare, egrep etc.
  • .NET garbage collector performance measurement and tuning, possibilities for GC manipulation in .NET Core, off-heap data-structures.
  • Automated performance tests implemented as a test-runner that can detect performance regressions over time.
  • Develop a DbCop tool to check, for example, SQL naming conventions.
  • Develop SQL macro type checker, akin to Rust Postgres Macros, that can run after compilation.
  • Develop DSL for writing efficient parsers of XML files, something like Ragel.

If you work with us, you will be offered technical sparring and ongoing feedback on your ideas and code. On top of that, you will get a glimpse into the daily affairs of an agile high-tech organization, where short feedback cycles are the bread and butter, and where decisions are based on technical merit.


  • Currently enrolled on a Software Engineering or a Computer Science course at a University.
  • Programming experience in either C#, C, or C++.
  • A scientific and inquisitive mind.
  • Master projects: in addition to your CV and a short Cover Letter describing you project idea, please include some information about the academic project supervisor.


We aim to respond within a week of receiving the application. Afterwards you will be invited to an interview. And if everything goes well, we will start planning for your project. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.