at unmatched speed.

We are on a mission to automate the financial markets. Our focus lies on making complex decisions faster than anyone else. Every tick counts for victory! Based in Copenhagen, we pride ourselves to continuously solve challenging problems in order to swiftly navigate the currents of international financial markets.

Advanced technology.
Rapid solutions.



We live off data! Every single day, enormous amounts of data flow into our models. With billions of ticks and millions of websites and news stories, we discover patterns and critical information that give us an edge.



The brilliant minds of our people are only the beginning. We train our models to digest news and websites automatically and discover patterns in data, using natural language processing and machine learning.



Microseconds matter to us! We build everything with latency in mind, from fast CPUs and GPUs, to fibre networks. Our code is continuously benchmarked and optimized as every clock-cycle counts in order to always be a step ahead.

"I enjoy being allowed to solve problems my own way while being guided by the best in my field."

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