Andrzej's day

9:15 Arrive at the office after a small bike race on the way 9:20 Check up on aggregated logs from yesterday while sipping the first cup of coffee 9:45 Review code changes since yesterday, merge to the release branch, deploy a new version for today, and follow up about it with our business analyst/idea generator/master of the universe (we call him Thue for short) 10:15 Discuss with quant Jannick how we can incorporate his new simulation results them into the existing code 11:00 Finishing unit tests for a data extraction feature started earlier this week 12:15 Lunch + mandatory discussions about The King of Kong and zombies 13:00 Refactoring parts of the market data handling and running performance regression tests 15:00 Review web scraper code for Mads and database replication scripts for Vlad 15:30 Reading about Boosted Decision Trees to prepare for implementing a recent algorithm from quant Adalsteinn 17:15 Fix a bug in a configuration dialog, and send the code for review to Mads 18:15 Writing about my day, and heading home.