Niclas' day

8:15 Kiss kids goodbye in day care before I jump on my bike 8:45 Grab the first of many coffees before checking results of the overnight NLP simulations 9:30 Checking up on progress with a database migration project with one of the developers 10:00 Meet with web designer to discuss wireframe of the future website 11:15 Discuss how the speed of the neural network algorithms can be improved further on GPUs 12:00 Lunch with all the guys – discussion going off track about Trumps outrageous comment on the yesterday’s press conference 12:45 Optimizing NLP engine for expected news releases the next couple of days 15:00 Discuss geographical expansion of one of the algorithms with one of the quants 16:00 Attending a conference call with an experienced entrepreneur in the fintech sector 17:15 Writing about a day at work at Alipes 17:45 Sending an e-mail to web designer before heading home to the family.