Mads' day

5:30 Take the S-train to Nørreport station 6:00 Arrive at the office and check the error logs from yesterday's activity. One bug, damn! 7:30 No longer alone in the office :) and almost done with the bug fix 7:45 The unit test passes. The fix turned out to be quite simple, so it is sent to review. Continue with working on my cleanup of the new neural network algorithm. It is turning out pretty nice, but there are still some decisions to be made about the synchronization 12:00 Lunch. The discussion is about the winter X-games and about whether a beginner would be better off starting with skis or snowboard 12:45 Talk with one of the quants about why some market data is not found in the database 13:00 Discuss the synchronization issue with a colleague. We agree on a model that allows minimal locking of critical threads and makes it easy to diagnose any problems that might come up 14:30 Dusted off an old program used for back-filling previous contract versions 15:15 Take the S-train back to pick up my son from day care.